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Since 2009 we are a self-confident company made up of people who are absolutely keen on sports. We have excellent relationships both among us and with our business partners and clients. We closely specialise in technical sportswear. Sport #1 is the cycling for us but in winter months, we also focus on cross-country skiing which is a fantastic alternative when snow falls down. These are two sports that we perfectly understand.


our personality

All the activities involving developing and designing products, pattern design and all strategic activities necessary for the brand to be fully functioning happen in the Czech Republic. In fact, Italy is a country of great inspiration for us, no matter if it concerns design and sportswear or if we look at it as being a country with the amazing countryside where we love and enjoy testing our products.

Moreover, we have brought our sportswear to the level where we are able to compete with Italian sport brands. Our efforts haven’t however been stopping. We permanently work on improving design, cut, selection of the best materials and inventing new details that will differentiate us from our competitors.

We want people to see us like a brand closely connected with road and mountain (MTB) biking, briefly with active cycling athletes who perceive their bikes not only as a hobby, but as a meaning of their lives. We are proud of acknowledging that se have become a partner of Roman Kreuziger Cycling Academy.


We have become a proud partner of the Roman Kreuziger Cycling Academy and we are really grateful that our clothes will be beneficial for a good cause.

Since we ourselves are active and excited athletes, we proudly support the development of new cycling talents.

Young racers from Roman Kreuziger Cycling Academy have gained the best what the wide product portfolio may offer: not only special racing overalls but also highly functional training clothes.

We believe that Silvini products will contribute to their success.


For many years we are a very proud partner of this professional cycling team with successful athletes like Tomáš Paprstka. Team full of young promising athletes and skillful bikers.

MTB XCO races and cyclocross is the main focus of the team, but the team competes in all categories of UCI’s world.

We help the team reach best results in races and make them comfortable in training and they help us with development and testing of our products.

We believe that cooperation with professionals is the best way how to move our brand forward.

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We are main partner of ski racing team. And we are very a very proud partner because these athletes show the real passion for the sport, not only xc skiing.

This wonderful group of athletes has enthusiastic and very successful hobby athletes. Former members were great professionals like Stanislav Řezáč. Silvini Madshus team has over one hundred members from very young age to, let’s say, very experienced age.

The long-distance ski championship is the main focus of the team. We help them reach best results in races and make them comfortable in training. The team helps us with development and testing of our products. Our main focus is support people who love sport.



The brand making sportswear for active sports-people

We are closely aimed at the MTB & road cycling and cross-country skiing

We are keen on sports

Constantly improving our products

Testing our products in the off-road environment

Giving support to professional sports-people and the incoming young generation

Having friendly relationships with our partners and clients

An honest and growing brand

Top manufacturer of top sportswear for active cycling athletes and cross-country skiers.

Supporting not only to professional sports-people, but also to the young incoming generation.

Keeping trends and being competitive with our products, promoting our brand, and our production processes.

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