Challenging terrain or a relentless road? Both are a drudgery. Joy. Obstacles. Feeling of victory. Clothes intended for performance sports must be able to sustain with honour all challenging situations.


We have become a proud partner of the Roman Kreuziger Cycling Academy and we are really grateful that our clothes will be beneficial for a good cause.

Since we ourselves are active and excited athletes, we proudly support the development of new cycling talents.

Young racers from Roman Kreuziger Cycling Academy have gained the best what the wide product portfolio may offer: not only special racing overalls but also highly functional training clothes.

We believe that Silvini products will contribute to their success.

Michal Prokop

One of the best Czech bikers, a three-time world champion, representative in BMX and MTB (fourcross), an Olympian and also an organizer of many races. This is Michal Prokop, our new ambassador!


We are proud that Michal became our partner and participates in the development of a new Enduro collection so that it is properly adapted to deliver maximum performance.

In this line, we place a great emphasis on the combination of style, comfort and clothing functionality. New enduro cellection will be availabe from next season!

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We are main partner of ski racing team. And we are a very proud partner because these athletes show the real passion for the sport, not only xc skiing.

This wonderful group of athletes has enthusiastic and very successful hobby athletes. Former members were great professionals like Stanislav Řezáč. Silvini Madshus team has over one hundred members from very young age to, let’s say, very experienced age.

The long-distance ski championship is the main focus of the team. We help them reach best results in races and make them comfortable in training. The team helps us with development and testing of our products. Our main focus is support people who love sport.



There is power in two ones being together – having two cycling wheels, connected in one boosted device which pushes your limits up and thereby always propelling you ahead. Is your heart full of road cycling or MTB? It’s up to you to make the choice. We will then take care of the rest.

Smooth ski track combing out both fresh snow and freezing air; elegant movement balanced by a fast-pulsing heart of an enthusiastic cross-country skier. Let all your body get soaked up by the winter landscape.  Going for a race or just for your winter holiday? It’s up to you to make the decision. We will get you ready for both of them.

"your ride, your choice"




All cuts, patterns and designs come into existence inland, in the Czech Republic. We thoroughly supervise production quality of our pieces of work. That’s how you can get only the pieces that we are really proud of. We decided to be partners of your performance. And it was a right choice.

We are a Czech brand name without any foreign capital. Instead of having lots of money, our heads are open thanks to which we make well-fitting sportswear with style; the sportswear that we also like wearing - not only us, but also our top sports team.

"our work our choice"

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